Why use PayValet

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Why use PayValet

How does PayValet help?

We asked our users why they use this application and here is what they had to say.

  • Liz home img

    Liz Sarb

    Freelance Designer

    I use PayValet with my wedding invitation clients. It's definitely helped me receive payments quickly and easily - I like that my clients have an option other than paper checks. It's much nicer to send them a link to PayValet, rather than asking them to dig out their checks, find a stamp and an envelope, and drop it in the mail.

    I like that I get a message whenever my clients pay with PayValet. I can send them a quick email thanking them for the payment and then get back to work - I don't have to worry about when a check will arrive, whether it will get lost in the mail, or whether my banking app will let me deposit it online.

  • Joey home img

    Joey Kirk

    Made By Munsters

    As a small design and development studio, Made By Munsters doesn't have time to waste on waiting for snail mail. We were waiting a week, two weeks and sometimes longer to receive payments. Once we started using PayValet we were seeing payments from our clients in days. This application really gives the ability to do what we do best: Design web interfaces.

    PayValet allows me to receive payments where ever I am at. Once a client sends me a payment from my payment page, I get a notification alerting me. This is really helpful. I don't have to login to a dashboard or check my bank account to see if a payments has been made. I know as soon a client hits submit.

  • Neal home img

    Neal Sales-Griffin

    Starter League

    Starter League is in the business of teaching not collecting payments. For our first two years in business, Google Checkout was our primary online payment system. When they shut down the service we were in need of a new home and that's where PayValet came in.

    Not only was it a product built by graduates of our school, but it was simple to use. It's never been easier to invoice, collect, and review transactions. This application has taken the hassle out of collecting and receiving payments from students who attend The Starter League.

  • Ryan home img

    Ryan Francis

    Francis Lofts & Bunks

    Francis Lofts & Bunks manufactures custom furniture. As a result, our orders are too variable to encapsulate in a shopping cart system. PayValet gives us the flexibility to accept both checks and credit cards, so now we can accept checks instantly for our large orders, while still being able to accept credit cards for our smaller orders.

    Moreover, the application's simplicity is key. When PayValet's team says it works out of the box, they really mean it. I processed my first transaction within the first hour of clicking the sign up button. Having a place where anyone can pay my company online by check or credit card is really valuable since the types of orders we receive vary so much and can be from all over the United States.

Are you still waiting on checks?
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Send customers to your business’s unique PayValet page and start receiving payments right away. With PayValet you get the following:

  • • Your choice of payment method - e-Check, credit card or both
  • • Instant notification when you've been paid
  • • Automatic receipt to your customers
  • • Detailed payment status and transaction history
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