PayValet for Wedding Vendors

Liz Sarb is a passionate wedding invitation designer and illustrator with a desire to spend more time focusing on her work and less time collecting payments.


As an inspired designer and illustrator, Liz Sarb stumbled upon her passion as a designer in the wedding industry when she made her own wedding dream come true a few years ago.

Wedding invitations, she found while making her own, offer a tremendous opportunity for creativity and artistry. It wasn't long after her wedding that she took the plunge into the field as a full-time designer and entrepreneur. Liz found herself in a creative role that allowed her to combine her love of design and happy couples.


"With weddings, every couple is so different that it really lets me be creative and explore different design styles. I get to know a couple and put their personality into the wedding materials, which I really enjoy doing." -Liz Sarb

Focus on Creating

Freelancers in the wedding industry have a passion for the work and creativity involved in making such a momentous wedding day truly special. Tasks like finding new clients, sending invoices, collecting payments, and updating financial statements become more of their daily routine than they ever imagined.

The Long Road to Payday

Getting paid should be the best part of running a business, yet many wedding vendors and freelancers spend a ton of time collecting payments. The process usually starts with an invoice, typically sent by email or even regular mail. Then the only thing to do is sit back and wait for the check to arrive. This is when the frustration starts. - Clients often put off writing and sending a check since it is time consuming and easy to overlook. - Vendors have no way of knowing whether the check is in the mail or if the invoice is just sitting on their client's desk. Asking where the payment is, can make the relationship awkward and get in the way of the actual work. -Finally, once the vendor gets the check, they still need to go to the bank and deposit it.

That all adds up to a loooong time before receiving payment.

Like most wedding vendors, Liz is always looking for ways to be more efficient while handling her business tasks so she can spend more time doing what she enjoys: design.

PayValet to the Rescue!

When Liz signed up for PayValet she didn't realize how much time, effort, and stress it would save her. No more incessantly checking her mailbox, PayValet notifies her the minute she is paid and sends her clients an automatic receipt. PayValet also gives her a detailed payment status and transaction history, making it easy to balance the books and see which clients need a friendly payment reminder.

Liz can focus on capturing a couple's personality in a gorgeous invitation or dreaming up ways to grow her business further.

Liz Sarb PayValet

If you want to see what the fuss is about, all you need to do to get started is sign up, personalize your page with your logo and send the link to your clients. Then let the payment magic happen.